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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When the first iPhone came out, I restrained myself by saying that I could let myself get one as soon as it 1) moved beyond the first-generation device, and 2) had GPS built-in. The iPhone 3G fulfills both conditions, but I was feeling a little bit of consumer guilt, as well as some nausea about the expensive service plans. And the battery life isn't that great.

However, my 3-year-old phone is increasingly cranky, and...I really want an iPhone. So today I went to the AT&T store a few blocks from my office (two stories, it's palatial...if you missed the logos, it could be confused for a high-end boutique of some sort). They're sold out, of course, but you can put down a deposit to have them let you know when they get one with your name on it.

REP: [giving me her card] I'll call you when it comes in. I promise I'll call you right away.

ME: Have lots of people been calling you to check up?

REP: Uh, yeah. Like, it's 7 AM and they just talked to me the night before -- "No, your phone has not come in yet."

ME: So you're saying they're anxious.

REP: You could say that.

I'm not obsessed, but it will be pretty sweet when I get it. And, by overhearing the person in front of me in line, I discovered that government employees get 15% off all service plans. I never, ever would have thought to ask about that -- score!


ReeD said...

Three things:

1. In fact, all Apple products have a government discount (FYI) : see here. (Although not sure how that works with AT&T subsidizing the iPhone...)

2. The battery life is greatly improved if you don't use 3G. I realize that's part of what makes the new iPhone better, but, you know, if you go on a trip outside of DC to a place more remote that has no 3G signal anyway, it's probably worth it to just turn it off.

3. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

What? Apple is giving a discount to the government? I used to think that those reports that Apple is the Devil were just rumors.

teague said...

Hey, I didn't know that! (#1, that is.) And yeah, I'll turn the 3G off when it's not needed. (What they should really do is have a "turbo" button on the side of the phone that turns 3G on while you hold it down, so you can just have it on while you're loading a page.)