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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Does anybody else remember The Avalanches? They released an amazing album back in 2000 based almost entirely on samples from old vinyl. (The tracks Frontier Psychiatrist and Since I Left You also happened to have brilliant videos.)

They spent years on that album, and I've always heard that they were working on eventually releasing a second one. More recently, I saw on Pitchfork that the second album was at least edging toward completion. Now, I've run across this song on YouTube that claims to be a leaked track from the album. Worth checking out and judging for yourself -- while I'm skeptical, it's at least someone doing a pretty good job of sounding like The Avalanches. And it's a good track, with the added benefit of teaching you how to knit.


Matthew said...

Yes! I was just thinking this a few days ago. Frontier Psychiatrist is on a fix mix CDs we have (including the Mortal Wombat soundtrack). I always wondered if they did anything else and I just never heard it. I'm glad you're on the case.

p.s. - Dexter's truancy problem is way out of hand!

teague said...

Yes, that boy needs therapy.

(So, do you think the track is really The Avalanches?)

Matthew said...

Hmm... I'm no expert. It's definitely got the Avalanches vibe to it. If it's not the real deal, I guess it's nice that there are people who care enough to make good fakes.

seeligd said...

avalanches are amazing! i remember one summer at carleton, brian s. goaded brandon t. into buying the album - not because brandon was particularly interested, but because it had done well on pitchfork (brian's favorite website at the time) and he was curious if it was good. I think everyone except brandon ended up liking the album :)

teague said...

Apparently Brian was quite the evangelist with that album -- I remember him introducing it to me, actually. While in Northfield over the summer, he came over and played the CD for us...he was saying "That boy needs therapy!" along with track while motioning kinda like the guys in the video.