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Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'd like to make a three-part argument regarding Leslie Feist's awesomeness:

1 2 3 4, on Letterman

Sealion, on some TV show I can't identify

Mushaboom, on Jimmy Kimmel

I saw Broken Social Scene in the tiny 400 Bar in Minneapolis (they barely fit on stage!) a long while back, when Feist was still performing with them. She wasn't even onstage for all the songs, but she turned a really good show into one of the best I've ever been to.


doug said...

I would add a fourth: 1 2 3 4, the Sesame Street version.

Matthew said...

Two things I love about these videos:
1) Her guitar playing actually matters in the songs.

2) She improvises a bit with the vocals, and she makes little changes in the live arrangements of the songs to keep them interesting.

hannah said...

Well said Matt! I fully agree. And I really like that her arrangements are always very musical and interesting. I really like that flugelhorn part on "Mushaboom."

teague said...

Yeah, I definitely agree on the arrangements. Also, she is always very obviously having a good time.

Somewhat less Sesame-Street-friendly is Feist's appearance in the video for Lovertits by Peaches, where she gets somewhat amorous with a bicycle.

I learned of this from her Wikipedia entry. Apparently, Feist and Peaches used to be roommates. Also, Feist will apparently by a guest on the forthcoming Wilco album.

gastropodblue said...

Feist and Peaches used to be roommates? Sounds like the ideal set-up for a sitcom!

teague said...

Indeed. I would definitely watch that show.

lj said...

I should listen to more of her music. Thanks for the reminder. I wasn't expecting the rockin' guitar sound. And I didn't know she does a version of Sea Lion Woman (I'd like to also recommend Nina Simone's "See Line Woman," although there doesn't seem to be a good version on youtube.)

It must be really fun to get on something like Letterman and be able to say, "Okay, for my two minutes I'll need a choir, or better yet a bunch of hipster pretending to be a choir, and a trombone player from Lawrence Welk, and..."

teague said...

1) I believe all the folks in the "chorus" on Letterman are from indie rock bands. I only recognized two guys from The National, but a couple commenters on YouTube identified people from several different bands.

2) That Lawrence Welk clip was surreal.

3) Someone I know from grad school is from Algona, Iowa, just like the guy in the clip.

lj said...

*Every* Lawrence Welk clip is surreal. Seriously. It's on PBS at least once a week, check it out. Who needed LSD in the 60s, when this was what was on TV?