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Thursday, February 11, 2010


The whiteout conditions pictured in the previous post kept up through about 4 pm, and then the heavy snow appeared again later in the evening. But it's over now...I think we got another foot or so, but it's hard to tell with all the blowing and drifting. In any case, DC has now surpassed its previous all-time record for snow in a season, the 54.4" they had in 1898-99. (As an aside, who was so zealously measuring snowfall to the tenth of an inch in 1899?)

Work was closed again, of course. Aron came by this morning for some ping pong; at our urging, Mike trudged over at lunchtime (I'm not sure he would have come if he had realized how difficult it would be to get here from the Metro station). We played Risk, and occasionally exclaimed that it was still snowing in apocalyptic fashion outside.

In the evening, Steve, Nils and I headed to Ginger's house for a potluck and game night. It was only a couple blocks, but it felt like a major expedition when we had to charge through snowdrifts. After yet more eating and board games, this is what Newton Street looked like when we headed home:

Note that there are cars parked on both sides of the street, but you can really only see the ones on the left side.

I arrived home to find water coming in around the windows in my room. Several carefully-arranged buckets are now mostly keeping the drips off the floor. Work is closed again tomorrow for the fourth day straight, but I'll go in on Friday whether it's officially open or not, since I've had plenty of time at home...

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