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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowmageddon wrap-up

Quite a storm.

It snowed until 4 or 5 PM this evening, but Snowmageddon is now over. My relatively unscientific measure in the middle of the back yard shows about 20" of very heavy, wet snow. It comes up just past my knee, I had to kind of hurl myself forward to get to the middle of the yard. Wouldn't think that after years of living in Connecticut and Minnesota, the biggest snowfall I have ever seen would be in DC. Here's what the view out the back looked like a few hours before the storm ended:

Apparently locations north of here (between DC and Baltimore) received 36". I walked through downtown DC today on my way to Capitol Hill, and I think they had a few inches less. That matches the total measured at Reagan National Airport, 17.8" -- which makes it the fourth-largest storm on record in DC, and bumps the December storm to 8th, I believe. (Somewhat annoyingly, the airport is the official total for DC even though it's technically across the river in Virginia.)

I had a great day enjoying the storm...lounging around marveling at the snow outside, baking some orange-cinnamon coffee cake, shoveling, and later heading to Capitol Hill for some board games and dinner. I took a few more pictures today, which can be seen in my Snowmageddon Flickr set.

It feels very Minnesota-like here right now...packed snow on streets, renegade footpaths of tamped-down snow threading through uncleared areas, and roads and sidewalks that were a little melty in the afternoon refreezing to a crunchy state in temps that will be in the low teens tonight.

These gigantic mounds of snow are going to take a while to clean up or melt...getting around promises to be rather messy for a little while. Any bets on when I'll be able to start biking to work again?

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