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Friday, February 05, 2010


So, we appear to have a major snowstorm on our hands (again). The snow has already started:

Apparently the only question is exactly how big the storm will be. The Weather Service recently updated their winter storm warning to call for snow totals of 20" - 30" in DC. Yowza.

I went into work this morning; it was pretty empty. It started to snow before lunchtime, and we were let out four hours early...I left my bike at the office (to avoid getting road salt on it) and took Metro home. I walked by Giant and saw that the lines stretched from each register to the back wall of the store, and there was little produce to be had. (When I went last night, there were no carts or baskets available, but there was still produce, and the lines only stretched halfway down the aisles.)

Metro will be closing the above-ground sections, but my stop is underground, so I can get downtown. I think I'll take a little walk on the Mall tomorrow morning, if I can, then head to Capitol Hill to play board games, as I did in December's Snowpocalypse. Should be interesting, and if the Weather Service is right, I suspect I won't be working on Monday.

As I was leaving the office this afternoon, I saw a woman who had paused by the door to put on a hat, scarf and gloves. "This is the first time I've seen falling snow," she said. She was in town from the Los Angeles office, staying through next week. "Well, it seems like this will be a pretty good example," I said. I wished her a good storm...when she walked out the door, she had a wide-eyed expression and turned her head up to look straight into the snow that was coming down. I'm sure she'll have a memorable weekend.


hannah said...

Have fun in the snow, Teague! Throw a snowball at someone for me.

Teague said...

Thanks, Hannah! I will do my best to bean someone with a snowball on your behalf.

hannah said...