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Friday, March 10, 2006


Various things are coming fast and furious right now, putting me in a state of mind that spawns bullet points:

  • My MacBook shipped today, 5 days earlier than expected. I should get it the middle of next week. It's embarrassing how excited I am about it.

  • An op-ed about Wikipedia that I wrote for my Mass Media Writing class has been accepted for publication by the Baltimore Sun. I don't know yet when it will appear, because it's not pegged to any news event, but I'll post a link when it's published. Incidentally, housemate Jason got his piece on baseball accepted, too.

  • Nick says that Ted did a great job at the caucuses on Tuesday night in Senate District 25. There's apparently no straw poll for State Senate candidates at caucuses, so it's hard to quantify how well he did, but he got people going at the ones where he talked, and it sounds like Nick and company out-organized the other candidate despite only being at it for a few weeks. Contribute to the campaign if you can; you don't have to be a Minnesota resident.

  • I have 28 to 36 pages to write (depending on where in the length guidelines I fall) and a Stats midterm to complete before I leave for CT a week from Sunday. Ack.

  • It was suddenly gorgeous outside today, in the 70's and maybe just a tad humid, too. It will be nice all weekend, conspiring to make it hard to do the aforementioned work.

  • We have now caught 5 mice in our house, but none for a few days now. Fingers crossed.

  • My GAO interview is Wednesday; hopefully I'll keep myself from getting too wrung out by work before then.

  • Davin and a friend are spending next Saturday night here on their way from a frisbee tournament in GA to a geology conference in PA.

  • I'll be leaving next Sunday morning to visit my parents in CT for a few days and then visit Erin at her new place in NH for a few more.

So, I'm not planning to do a lot of blogging in the next week or so...

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