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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Forgot to note this when it came out, but I finally have a new piece in Professor Yeti. It's on Health Savings Accounts.

I was out and about a bit with my parents today. I got a new backpack to replace the one I've had since high school, because the zipper had given out. And we went to dinner at Friendly's, where I haven't been in a few years. (For those not from the northeast, it's sort of a regional Denny's with an emphasis on ice cream.) We went there a lot when I was a kid, so it's a bit nostalgic. I rose to the occasion by ordering a sandwich that involved fried chicken fingers, BBQ sauce and bacon. I also had ice cream.

Also, I got an email today from Andrew P., who has just been accepted to the prestigious fiction writing program at Hopkins. Good for him, since it should be awesome, but also good for me because it'll be nice having him in town. He's going to stay at my house for a few nights week after next when he comes to B-more to check things out. There are already a surprising number of cool Carls in Baltimore...I need to take the time to hang out with them a bit more. My schedule should allow it now, so I'll make that a second-half-of-spring-semester resolution.

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