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Saturday, March 04, 2006

To the weekend

I have an absolutely enormous amount of work to do in the next few days. That's additionally complicated by the fact that I'm going to spend most of Sunday out in Frederick interviewing public housing residents as part of my HOPE VI research assistant job (should be interesting). But if I can just make it to spring break on March 18, I'll be all set, because Research Methods, Inequality and Health, and Mass Media Writing will all end then.

Tonight about 10 of us from IPS went to dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in a strip mall outside the city. It was pretty good. I had goat stew, which you wouldn't call a stew if you saw it -- stewed goat and potatoes over rice. Anyway, the impetus for going was that Karen is from Peru and had been craving some familiar food; she judged it reasonably authentic.

Big news for me: I got called for an interview at the GAO today. The Physical Infrastructure Team, specifically. I'm pretty psyched about it, but of course I don't know how many people they're interviewing, etc. The interview will be in a couple weeks.

On the home front, we are locked in battle with the mice -- I've seen them plenty of times now, and we've caught three in traps in the last few days. The second one (last night) was pretty terrible. April and her mother (who is here for a few days) heard a trap go off in the kitchen followed by squealing mouse noises. They avoided it until I came home, at which point I discovered that the mouse wasn't dead, it just had its back leg stuck in the trap and was dragging it around the kitchen. After some minutes of debate between Jason and I (we were too chicken to touch it), April's mom volunteered to take it out back and let the mouse out of the trap. She did, brave soul, and it limped away. Can't imagine it made it very long. Ugh.

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