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Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigrant Movement

From the Washington Post article on the movement that has swelled up in response to the anti-immigrant bill passed by the House in December:
On Saturday, Hernandez, his wife, Gloria, and their three children marched in the first protest of their lives -- along with more than 500,000 other demonstrators -- through downtown Los Angeles. "I have lived for 15 years in America," said the 34-year-old gardener. "All that time I have lived with my head down, you know. On Saturday, all these people were telling me to put my head up."

The bill would make it a felony to be an illegal immigrant, and it would make it a felony to do anything to help an illegal immigrant. I hope this election-year pandering to some of the baser instincts of the voting public comes back to bite Republicans.


LJ said...

There was a march yesterday in St. Paul. Hannah and I went, along with apparently about 29,998 other folks.

It seems to me like such an absurd example of hypocrisy that the leaders of a nation that was founded by illegal immigrants, and whose economy and lifestyle relies on immigrant labor, should want to pass these kinds of laws.

teague said...

That's great that you guys went. And thanks for the link; I checked the Strib for coverage after the NYTimes mentioned Minneapolis but didn't elaborate.

The desire of many to treat immigrants as some sort of space invaders is indeed absurd. It'll be pretty interesting to see this political debate play out over the next few weeks, since the feelings are so strong on both sides.