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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back to B-more

I drove back to Baltimore yesterday. It was a fairly pleasant ride, done without sharp turns or braking to in order to baby the fragile several-foot-high cactus I was transporting. (It arrived with only one small "leaf" broken off.)

The low-key break did me good. It was great to see my father doing a lot better -- he was 25 pounds heavier than when I saw him in January, and can walk pretty well now. He still has limited use of his hands, but is making progress with those, too.

The house is empty today; I haven't seen anyone around since I've been back. That's actually kind of nice, because it lets me take care of the numerous little tasks I had been putting off in the crush of work before break. April and Jason are getting back from New Orleans very late tonight, I believe.

A while ago I posted about the new Flaming Lips single "The Wand" from their forthcoming album (At War With the Mystics). It's awesome, and I can't wait to hear their new album that comes out a week from Tuesday. It's apparently a lot more rock than their past two, but still weird (of course). Only a week later, Built to Spill release their first album in 5 years, You In Reverse. I just bought their single, "Goin' Against Your Mind," on iTunes, and it's also great. So it'll be a good several weeks of music. You can listen to "Conventional Wisdom," also off the new BtS album, while you play basketball against Doug Martsch. Seriously.

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