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Sunday, December 03, 2006

13.5% of my life

Okay, this is pretty cool:

In a fit of extreme procrastination, I discovered this afternoon that you can export the listings from your iTunes library to a text format that can be read by Excel. This includes things like the count that it keeps of how many times you've played a given song.

It also happens that all my iTunes info got transferred from my old computer to my new one, so this doesn't just reflect the last 6 months of listening -- I think the version of iTunes that keeps track of the times played came out in September 2002. I realized that by having Excel multiply each song's length by its play count, I could get the total amount of time spent listening to that song in the last 4+ years. From there, I could add them up to see how much time I've spent with iTunes. Some interesting stats:

Time spent listening to iTunes since September 2002:
17,877,222 seconds
297,954 minutes
4,965.9 hours
206.9 days
13.5% of my life during that period

Whoa. 207 days! And that doesn't even count time spent with my iPod, or listening to CDs on the stereo, which are also substantial. It's not completely accurate, because I've eliminated some songs from my library, and I've occasionally left iTunes playing while I'm away from my computer...but it's only off by a percent or so in either direction, I would guess. So I've spent a lot of time listening to music.

The song I've spent the longest amount of time listening to is "White Lies, Yellow Teeth" by Modest Mouse, at 8.7 hours. This makes sense, because it's an unreleased song by my favorite band (thus one I want to listen to but can't on CD). On average, I've listened to each of my 4,273 songs 69.7 minutes apiece.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. Not only do I love (*love*) that you've taken the time to figure this out, but, best of all, you're reporting on what you did while you were procrastinating. And now I'm reading the results as a form of procrastinating myself. (I should be writing a paper.) Isn't that wonderful?

...And congrats on the job.