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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Worn out

Man, the last couple weeks sure have been murderous. It suddenly became apparent that my innocuous-seeming thesis research (talking to participants in the policy process about a bill that passed last year) had to go before the Institutional Review Board for human subjects research, meaning that I had to scurry to get together all manner of research plans, data protection plans, informed consent scripts, etc., etc., to get the stamp of approval. They moved quickly, and I got my approval Monday, but it put the brakes on my interviewing process. Rest assured that all my records are now kept under lock and key, be it physical or digital, and interviewees are informed that there are no benefits to them personally from participating in my study...

And of course it's the end of the semester. By my tally, I produced 51 pages* of written products for finals between last Thursday afternoon and this afternoon (two all-nighters in there). Meanwhile, we've been busy at work, so I've been keeping up my schedule there, too. I just came back from my last class at Public Health for the semester, and I now have only one smallish final remaining, for Ethics, and it's due...the day after Christmas. I think I'm going to try and do it tomorrow. Anyway, all that whining adds up to big relief that I'll be heading to Connecticut for Christmas on Friday. It will be a welcome relief and visit. And about a week later, I can hardly believe, I'll be going to Peru!

*Since I seem to be into dividing totals across time lately, that comes out to a bit more than a third of a page every hour for all 6 days in that period.

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