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Friday, December 01, 2006

Thanksgiving, MMJ

Thanksgiving was really nice. It was great to see everyone -- especially Dad, since at this time last year he had just been admitted to the hospital (he's doing well, though not yet completely recovered). We had 17 people (some from each side of the family) over for dinner. I also found out that a couple of my young cousins are really quite good at ping pong.

It was nice to get out of the city, too -- I seldom leave Baltimore, so being in the woodsy setting of Guilford is a nice change; we took a hike up to the bluff, and I took a ride on some of the trails.

I bought an Amtrak ticket at the last minute on a "Holiday Special" train to NYC and it turned out to be one of the MARC commuter trains that I rode all summer, but all the way to New York. (I took Metro North to New Haven.) Kind of a drag, but it wasn't very crowded, which certainly wouldn't have been the case with the actual Amtrak trains. When I rode back to Baltimore with Jaclyn on Sunday, getting through all 20 or so miles of Delaware took a couple hours.

Then, on Tuesday night I went to see My Morning Jacket at the 9:30 Club in DC, again with Jaclyn. They were really great -- it was the third time I've seen them, so it's not like that was a surprise, but that didn't make it any less awesome. I was pleased that they played "Phone Went West," which is very impressive live. Here's a clip of them playing Letterman a few months back; they played this song on Tuesday, but they Boston Pops weren't there, and the band weren't in tuxedoes...


Anonymous said...

I've been interested in getting a My Morning Jacket cd for some time now. Can you suggest which one I should start with?


teague said...

Hmm, I guess there's not an obvious pick in my mind. In general, they've moved over time from a sleepy, downtempo, slightly melancholy tone to a more rock sound (their live show has always been more rock than their albums).

I don't have their most recent, Z, but I really like the songs I've heard off of it. The previous one, It Still Moves, is good but doesn't have any of my personal favorite songs on it. At Dawn and The Tennessee Fire are both great, with that earlier lush, subdued tone.

I guess I'd recommend At Dawn or Z, depending on how much rock you want.