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Monday, December 04, 2006

Plans made

A couple weeks ago I said that I was offered a job. Well, today I accepted it -- so it's definitely off to DC next year.

I'm thinking of living in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market, where the bike ride to work would only be about a mile and a half. Anyway, the nice part is that I have plenty of time to plan this move...


Anonymous said...

So now that you've accepted the position, what's the job? :)

- sc

lj said...


teague said...

Seb, for some reason I'm skittish about talking about job specifics in public on the interweb. I posted on the Buffet with more copious details...

gastropodblue said...


(unsolicited dc advice)
Eastern Market is a very cool area and more biker-friendly than other parts of DC. You'd even be close to the Anacostia Community Boathouse, if, you know, you wanted to take up rowing or something... ;)

One thing I'm not sure of is grocery stores in that area, but if you will have your car, then that's hardly an issue.
(/unsolicited dc advice)

Congrats again!

teague said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Jesse. The neighborhood does seem really nice, and I've got a couple grad school friends who already live there. I like that it's old and oh so convenient to much of what you'd want to go to in DC. It seems like the fact that it has the eponymous Eastern Market mostly makes up for the fact that there does not appear to be a regular grocery store right there; I didn't realize until recently that the market is open every day but Monday. (Also, Leah Daniels is apparently opening a cooking store in the neighborhood.)

Any other neighborhoods I ought to check out? Really the main criteria is that it be easily bikeable (<5 miles) from work in Chinatown, which seems to be pretty much the whole city.

gastropodblue said...

Wow, I didn't know the market was open 6 days a week, either. Being able to buy fresh fruit and veg from the stalls anytime you want will be fantastic!

I think, that unless you really want to live in the "young professional" (ah, DC terminology) coveted areas of Dupont/Adams Morgan and upper NW, Eastern Market sounds like a good plan. The old houses down there are beautiful, and there's a real sense of community that you don't get elsewhere in the District. You could also scour the Capitol Hill neighbourhoods closer to Union Station or further east of Eastern Market. Some of those areas can be a bit dodgy, but probably worth checking out. At least you've got plenty of time to find a place!

Good luck!

teague said...

Okay, thanks for the additional insight. The "young professional" vibe really gave me the blahs this summer, so I don't really have much desire to move to, say, Dupont. (So many similarly upscale-looking places you can go mingle with similar-looking people over $5 happy-hour drinks.)

So I think Eastern Market is my first choice...and there's something to be said for the closest library being the Library of Congress.