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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Songs of the Moment (An occasional feature)

> Love Is All - Ageing Had Never Been His Friend
> Fog - Pneumonia [mp3]
> Weezer - Say It Ain't So [YouTube] (Note: Linked video contains the most-non-sequitur use of hacky sack footage ever.)
> Xiu Xiu - I Love the Valley OH!
> Rage Against the Machine - Sleep Now In the Fire [YouTube]
> The Halo Benders - Foggy Bottom [mp2, no kidding]
> Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City [YouTube]

That Springsteen video is really nice. Too bad the Rage Against the Machine one is so amusingly crappy.

Love Is All is the band that opened for Tilly and the Wall when I saw them in October, they're from Sweden. I bought their CD at the show, and it's really great. The track I list above isn't available for free, but another, Talk Talk Talk Talk, is.

I don't think the mp3 for Pneumonia used to be available for free online, you really ought to grab that.


lj said...

FYI, I got 404'ed on Pneumonia (but I think I already have that track), and the Foggy Bottom link doesn't go to the file itself (the site must automatically redirect deep links or something). I also got 404'ed on some much older things you've posted, but that's what I get for waiting...

I haven't watched the linked video yet, but Atlantic City is such a wonderful song.

While I'm needlessly ranting, Tilly and the Wall's website is annoying as crap. Too many bands have those obnoxious flash pages where everything is animated, nothing is an actual link, and it opens 40 extra windows. (most websites of any type have problems, really)

Now I'm going to see if I can scare off those pesky kids playing on my lawn.

teague said...

Hmm, that's annoying. Pneumonia is still listed on the Ninja Tune site, but now you get a 404 from there, too. The site that Foggy Bottom is on is apparently really old, so it doesn't surprise me that it's screwy.

Those Flash websites piss me off, too. It's like someone wearing really uncomfortable shoes because they're fashionable, except in this case we all have to walk in them.