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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bike Lockup

I had an extremely unsuccessful trip to the Apple Store in Bethesda this evening. (The 3G connection keeps freezing up on my iPhone, but I don't think it's a network problem because it works again once I turn 3G off and then on again...I suspect they'll just swap out my phone.) I mindlessly got on the train to go home, not the train to Bethesda, and by the time I got myself straightened out, I missed my service appointment by 10 minutes.

I then emerged from the Apple Store to find that someone had locked their bike next to mine and inadvertently locked mine as well. (I brought my bike with me on the Metro.) I had also forgotten my lights at work, and needed to bike home before dark, so I devised the following plan to liberate my bike: Make it appear that I was fiddling suspiciously with the other bike in the hopes that the owner was in the Apple Store and would see me out on the sidewalk and come to rescue it. This worked amazingly well, as a woman appeared about 5 minutes later to ask me what I was doing to her bike...

1 comment:

lj said...

How classic: a person keenly, almost supernaturally aware of when someone might be screwing them over, but totally oblivious when they might be screwing someone else over. I love your strategy for getting out of it.