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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gardening in NYC

Potentially Photoshopped? No, it's just PS1's summer installation called PF1 (Public Farm 1), which is growing vegetables and flowers outside the museum. It's both cool-looking and admirable for its advocacy of urban gardening. More pictures on Flickr.

I hung out in the city with my parents on Saturday, which was great. We walked around, went to the Botanical Garden, and had dinner with Alex at a pretty good Thai place. I also brought them to Doughnut Plant, where I proceeded to eat more doughnuts* than the two of them combined.

Dad also shared the following doughnut-related anecdote at dinner, which was new to me: [roughly quoting] "Teague's preschool was called Boulder Knoll. One day, we were there for a school picnic. There were doughnuts, and I knew that we had failed as parents when I saw Teague eating one over a trash can so that he wouldn't get any crumbs in the grass."

* White peach, coconut cream, and strawberry jelly with vanilla bean glaze, in case you're interested.


lj said...

That is a really amazing insight into the mind of a Teague.

teague said...

Sort of related to what my mom says about how my brother and I each reacted to being presented with a piece of cake on our first birthdays. Davin grabbed it and stuffed some in his mouth. I touched it, got some frosting on my hand, and started to cry.

lj said...

Wow. It's impressive you didn't maim everyone who smashed ice cream cones in your hair.

teague said...

Well, though having ice cream in my hair in itself wasn't that good, it was a very well-executed operation. I will never forget the moment when I looked around at all the people holding cones, remembered what I had said about ice cream, and realized what was about to happen.