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Monday, September 15, 2008

Bike credit

I went to Bethlehem, PA this weekend for Lauren and Adam's wedding. The wedding was fun, and Bethlehem was unexpectedly interesting.

Among the mail I sorted through upon returning today was this intriguing item:

It's from a local credit union. Bank loans for bicycles is a new one on me. A quick Google did turn up at least one other credit union offering bike financing in the mold of car loans (in Portland, naturally).

I have mixed feelings about this, for fairly obvious reasons. On the plus side, it's indicative of bicycles being taken more seriously as a means of transportation and a reasonable thing to spend your money on. It might help a few people get a good bike, or avoid carrying it at a higher interest rate on their credit card. (This particular offer is for up to $2,500.) But on the other hand, isn't the beauty of a bicycle that you don't have to take out a loan to get one? I spent a fair bit on mine, but you can get a perfectly functional bike for not very much money at all, then maybe trade up once you can afford something better. And goodness knows we don't need any more ways to create consumer debt...

(Also, does anyone else have a visceral ick reaction to ads with photos of smiling people fanning out cash?)

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zachary said...

with the recent changes dc law, i'll be on the lookout for banks offering gun loans.