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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A few mostly unrelated points:
  • The weather is suddenly fall-like in DC.  Biking to work at 58 degrees is an amazing thing.

  • I was riding behind a slow-moving car today when a squirrel ran in front of it.  The driver stopped, lightly beeped his horn twice, and proceeded when the had squirrel moved.  This struck me as a particularly urban response to the situation.

  • All these news stories about financial turmoil have to settle for such poor visual approximations, since what's actually going on is invisible, just numbers in ledgers.  You can roll footage of bedraggled people carrying their stuff out of the Lehman Brothers offices, but it's not the same as boats washed up on the freeway by Ike.  The intangible and incomprehensible nature of it only makes it more frustrating for us, of course.

  • Slogan of the American International Group (AIG): "The Strength to Be There."  Seriously.


Brian said...

"urban" or "urbane"? I saw a report on the BBC World News last night where the reporter basically strolled around Wall Street and stood in front of the headquarters for each failing institution as he explained the particular situation. Maybe it was the British accent, but it was a strangely compelling tour.

teague said...

Yeah, "urbane" is probably more accurate.

I can see how that BBC report would be effective. It's easy to conflate all troubled companies, even though they face different situations that stem from somewhat different causes, and that format would help make things more concret. But it's still a lot harder to report on than something that is directly observable.